Feeling a bit tired today after the Kanzelwand via ferrata yesterday evening we decided to take it easy today. We started in Mittelberg and hiked to Kuhgehrenalpe. This place looked really nice but we decided to continue because everything there was a bit crowded by people coming up with the Kanzelwand cable car. We continued to the Hammerspitze. After leaving the path that comes from the cable car we were almost alone. The way up offers great views to the Ifen. From the summit we saw the path going to the Großgehrenspitze. It looked quite interesting and would surely be worth a walk. But for today we decided to go down to the Fiederepasshütte. There we enjoyed a huge Germknödel 😀 My legs were already aching a lot and I would have loved to stay at the hut and continue the next morning. But we had to go back to work the next day, so after about one hour we slowly walked back down to the car park.

Actually we wanted to do the Mainzer Höhenweg this weekend! We were already very excited about it but then the weather changed all our plans. There was a lot of snow (in July!!) and so not the best conditions to do this hike. So instead we took the car and drove to Riezlern. After many traffic jams we finally arrived at about 3pm. During the drive we already decided that we will try to do the "Zwei Länder Sportklettersteig" on the Kanzelwand. The difficulty is about C/D-D so the most difficult one we have done in the last years. As I do not like the cable cars up to the mountains we walked up and were at the beginning of the via ferrata at about 5:30 pm. The view was very beautiful because most mountains were covered in a bit of snow and because it was so late we were the only people in the wall! I found it very exhausting, there are many traverses and often I did not find a good place for my feet. But anyway we did it! 🙂 After about one and a half hours we safely arrived on top of the Kanzelwand. Being on the summit was just amazing because we were the only people all around and the sun already started going down covering everything in a very special light. We stayed for a long time before going back down to Riezlern.

For today the weather forecast said only sunshine and completely blue sky! That was the weather I was waiting for to do this hike in Liechtenstein! Because the view during this hike is so amazing I can recommend to do it only when the weather is really good.

This hike goes from Gaflei to Planken. So it is best to arrive by bus from Vaduz. There is a bus to Gaflei, but you have to call at least 30 minutes before departure to make sure the bus actually comes. But there is also a regular bus to Triesenberg Abzw. Madescha. I took this one and then walked along the road to Gaflei. Then the path continues through forest until the Fürstensteig begins. The view into the Rhine valley is amazing! After leaving the Fürstensteig behind the path goes to the Kuhgrat and from there I saw the Drei Schwestern. All along the way the view is just great! On one side the Rhine valley, on the other side the Rätikon with the Schesaplana. The path goes over the Große Schwester with some fixed ropes to help on the ascend and descend. On the way down are two ladders and soon after these I reached another photo spot with a hole in the rock. From there I walked further down to the Gafadurahütte where I enjoyed an apple soda with a great view to the Alpstein, already planning the next hike. I continued down to Planken where I took the bus back to Buchs. This is definitely a really enjoyable hike 🙂

Today I did a hiking tour to the waterfall Glymur. The hike starts about one hour drive away from Reykjavik. At the beginning of the walk you have to cross a river, a log is placed there to help you, but it was a bit shaky 😮 The waterfall is located at the end of a fjord and is 196m high. I walked up on one side, then crossed a river (the water was ice cold!! and it was up to the knees! but better than going back the same way ;-)) at the top and then I walked down on the other side. The walk offers great views to the waterfall and back to the ocean. Just before reaching the top the sky became blue and the sun was shining and there was a rainbow inside the waterfall! That was so beautiful! I would definitely recommend this hike when you like waterfalls 😉

For many years I had the idea in my mind that one day I would like to go riding on an Icelandic horse in Iceland! And for today I booked a riding tour at eldhestar. My horse for the day was a mare called Spök and she was really lovely! The ride was about six hours and we rode through the Reykjadalur Valley. In this valley there are many hot springs and a lot of them are very active! We rode past some that have a temperature of about 100° C. After about three hours riding we stopped had lunch and took a bath in a hot spring! That was perfect! Riding an Icelandic horse and trying the tölt, a gait only the Icelandic horses can do, is really a thing one should do in Iceland 🙂